Fred Astaire Dance Studio Richmond

Private vs Group lessons

Is it better to take a private lessons or go to a dance lesson practice sessions? Which one will be more comfortable? Where will I learn the dance steps and moves more easily? Should I start with a private dance lesson and then start going to practice sessions, or should I wait to take a private lesson until I’ve gotten familiar with the dances at the practice sessions? 

For example, practice sessions can be great for individuals looking to learn techniques quickly or find a fun date-night opportunity. Practice sessions are more social and provide a great way to meet fellow dancers while also fine-tuning your dance skills. Private lessons can be the perfect thing for people who may want a little more hands on or focused lessons. They also are a great fit if you want more feedback, to improve technique, or want to go at your own pace.



PRIVATE LESSONS consist of one student or a couple working with one instructor.  Private instruction is tailored to your personal needs. Learning at your own pace is the optimum method of comprehension and that’s what private instruction enforces.

One common misconception about private lessons is that they take place in seclusion. On the contrary, multiple private lessons are often going on at the same time in our ballroom. Our students have found that learning in this environment gives them an advantage in social dance settings.  

Private lessons are 40 minutes long, by appointment only, and may be scheduled during each studio’s business hours by calling the studio’s main number.

Our GROUP CLASSES are designed to be taken in addition to your private lessons, and consist of several students learning from one instructor. Group classes offer a wide variety of dances and topics to better your technique, physical fitness, and understanding of ballroom dance. All levels of students have the opportunity to participate. Group lessons are important because they will introduce you to patterns, technique, and style that you will fine tune in your private lessons.  

More importantly, group lessons provide every student with the opportunity to meet other students with similar dancing goals and to see that all students share similar challenges in the learning process.

See our calendar for the latest group class information.