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Dancing for Guys

Being able to dance is an incredible skill to have. Dancing can be enjoyed by young and old and will make a lasting positive impact on your life. We would love to see you at our studio and help you become a confident dancer you always wanted to be!


dancing for guys

Gentlemen, don’t be a wallflower! Show the ladies that you are not only the calm, cool, and collected fellow she is looking for, but that you have great dance moves too!

Despite what you may think, dancing is going to sneak up on you in some sort of social situation whether you like it or not – like at a party. There will be music. There will be dancing. What will you be doing? Well, you should be DANCING, because a man that can dance is more attractive to a woman!

Psychologists and researchers have conducted a study using 3D motion-capture technology and biomechanical analyses to examine the extent to which a male’s dance moves provides clues about his physical strength and fitness to both male and female observers.

What they found is that the ladies are actually more attracted to dancers that made large movements with their neck and trunk. On the contrary, men who seemed more closed off with smaller movements or moved entirely too much were viewed as bad dancers. So, let me ask you, which of these two types of dancers are you?

So put away your fears, inhibitions, and insecurities, and get out on the dance floor!