Fred Astaire Dance Studio Richmond


Our students have exclusive access to participate in our competition programs. Opportunities include mini-matches at the local level, regional competitions, and national events held in premier destinations, such as Las Vegas, Chicago, or Puerto Rico. Participating in competitions will take your dancing to the next level by pushing you to progress rapidly and earn recognition for your hard work.



Ballroom Dance Competition Events are an important part of the vast majority of Fred Astaire Dance Studios’ yearly calendars. At Fred Astaire National and Regional Dance Competitions, our students meet, mingle and compete with other student dancers to feel accomplished and confident as dancers. These glamorous dance competition events give you inspiring opportunities to watch, travel and hone your dancing skills in a supportive and exciting environment.

A variety of other dance events – such as showcases, spotlights, charitable events, themed dance parties, coaching sessions and more are also offered throughout the year, to encourage social interaction, help you apply what you’re learning and make your dance lessons experience even more exciting and rewarding. Participating in all of these events gives every FADS student and student/teacher team the opportunity to progress more rapidly in their dance endeavors, to enjoy fabulous vacation destinations and venues, and have lots of fun along the way!