Fred Astaire Dance Studio Richmond


Dancing for Ladies

Being able to dance is an incredible skill to have. Dancing can be enjoyed by young and old and will make a lasting positive impact on your life. We would love to see you at our studio and help you become a confident dancer you always wanted to be!


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We love accessories.  It's one of the reasons for the never ending popularity of little black dresses.  You can add your own personal style to something classic.  Here's a news flash for you:  Dance Classes are the little black dress.  The benefits you get from your dance classes are the accessories.  

So let's go shopping.  

1. Break the Routine:

If you need to break the cycle of expensive drinks and inexpensive pick-up lines – then look no further. Nothing changes your nightlife outlook quite like learning how to dance.If you’ve ever had an extra drink or faked a trip to the bathroom because you couldn’t dance, taking classes is your remedy. When you take dance lessons and learn a variety of dances, you have the ability to say “yes” to anyone that asks you.

2. Get a Dancer Body:

There’s a reason why those girls on TV wear such skimpy outfits – because they can! Taking dance lessons gives you a constant workout in the areas that matter most: legs, butt, and waist. Enough said.

3. Set it Free:

You know the old saying, “If you love something and you set it free, it’ll come back, blah, blah, blah…” Well, let’s say the thing you love is the idea of finding the right guy. Set it free. Focus on you. Learning how to dance does that. It’s physical, fun, and makes you feel sexy. If that great guy happens to come along, he’ll only know you as the great dancer you are. Score.

4. You Are Not a Worker Bee:

You might as well arrange your cubicle to match the shape of a hexagonal worker bee station. You need an escape. Yes, work is a means to an end, but what will you look like when you get there? Invest in some long-overdue “you time”. You’ve earned enough delayed gratification points to have a regular recharge taking dance lessons… and when you’re there, you are the queen bee.

5. Make a Comeback:

Maybe you took dance as a kid, and then you met a boy. Perhaps, you had to watch your sister, your daughter, your friends all pursue dancing – the passion you had, but never told anyone about. For many women, taking dance lessons is a chance to add a new dance chapter to their autobiographies. When it is fueled by something from the past, it adds more purpose to the mission. After all, who doesn’t like a good comeback story?

You know that "shopping feeling" when the stars align, and the clothes fit perfectly?  That's exactly what learning and knowing how to dance feels like.  The more accessories you add, the more interesting your "dance wardrobe" becomes.